Why You Should Install LED Parking Lights

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parking lot LED lighting

LED lighting is fast becoming a preferred option for most outdoor lighting applications. This is because they offer the kind of illumination needed in those areas. A parking lot is one of the best places to install LED lights because of the level of security they offer. Other areas where this type of lighting can be installed include workshops and garages. Buying the right LED parking lot lights helps to ensure your parking lot is well secured.

There are several things you have to consider when buying them. One of them is the wattage. This is what determines power consumption from such lighting systems. Different types of LEDs have their outputs. You should look for one that does not use up much power. The size of your parking lot can help you determine the right wattage to choose.

You may also have a problem decidingLED light on the number of lights to be fixed on a specific pole. The size of your parking lot can also determine this. You can use a minimum of two LED lights on a small parking lot. For bigger parking spaces in places like malls or commercial buildings, you can use up to four on a single pole. Installing this type of lights in your parking lot can benefit you in so many ways which include:

Reduced Costs

One good thing about installing LED lights in your parking lot is that they will lower your energy and maintenance costs. They have a long lifespan of about six years. You are guaranteed extended service for that whole period without carrying out many replacements. LED lighting is also energy efficient compared to other types of light bulbs, which makes you save more on energy costs.


Apart from helping you save on energy and maintenance costs, LED lights will leave your space looking good. They have attractive colors and a perfect lighting balance that gives your space a good appearance. You will also come across different designs of LED light bulbs. How about you try them out for proper lighting and a good looking parking lot.


LED lights offer the kind of securityLED required in your parking lot. A poorly lit parking lot is very risky. Dangerous crimes happen in such places and cars can also get vandalized easily. LED lights are the best to use in such an area. The kind of illumination they offer will keep your parking lot safe.

Questions to Ask a Pat Testing Company

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For anyone who owns a business in the UK is required by the law to have their portable electrical devices tested for safety and health reasons. So you know that your equipment has to be PAT tested and you need to find a company to carry out the work. Where do you start? Well run a small business and have experience of dealing with many PAT testing companies down the years. Here are some questions that you should ask any company that you request to quote for the work.


Is the Company Accredited?

You should ask any prospective PAT testing company if they have professional accreditation. Although there is no PAT testing official body, there are several professional associations that all companies should belong too.


Are the Engineers Qualified?

PAT testing should be carried out by qualified engineers. You must check that any engineers that are sent to your premises have pasted the City & Guilds 2360 Part 1 & Part 2 and City & Guilds 2391. These are the recognized industry standards for Fixed Installation Testing. Any company that is employing unqualified engineers could be compromising the safety of you and your staff.


Do They Use the Latest Equipment and Is It Calibrated?

PAT testing equipment is always being improved, and you should ask the company how old their equipment is. The equipment should also be calibrated to ensure that it is giving the correct readings. All calibrated equipment should have a certificate to prove when it was last tested for and also when it is due to be retested.


Are They Insured?

You should check that the company has public liability insurance. The work they carry out on your equipment is vital and is also legally binding. If there is an issue caused by the equipment they have tested and passed, then the legal blame and any expense would be the responsibility of the PAT testing company.


costsAre There Any Hidden Charges?

It is good to double-check what is included in the price of the quote. Does it include the cost of the labels, database burnt to CD and a print out of the test results?

Is the work charged per piece of equipment, per hour or for the whole premises in one go?

Will there be any charges for the changing of fuses in plugs? Make sure than you get a fully costed quote in writing before you engage in a project.

If you ask these questions, you should be able to have a pain free PAT test and look forward to a fruitful relationship with your PAT testing company.

How To Buy A Good Steam Iron

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Flat iron

Buying a good iron is a good move towards ensuring proper grooming. It might sound to be a simple process when buying an iron, but the truth is that it is not as simple as some people tend to imagine. This is because there are many brands to choose from and therefore making it difficult to choose the right one. You need to understand that not all brands are capable of giving you the quality services that you deserve. This, therefore, calls for serious research so as to get the right information that will enable you find the best steam iron. Here are some of the things that you need to put into considerations.


qwefgrerftgThis has to do with the ability of the iron in question to ensure that iron can warm up quickly. You need to understand that the amount of the steam that is required to produce the desired ironing effects depends on the wattage. A good and modern iron should have a wattage of about 1700-2300watts. Before you buy a steam iron, you need to look at the watts since they play a significant role in the efficiency of the iron.


You also need to put into consideration the soleplate of the one. Some irons have poor quality soleplate that contributes to your burning your outfits during the process of ironing. To avoid such scenarios from happening, the best thing that you need to do is to go for those irons that are made up of the high quality soleplate. You also need to understand that the quality of the steam iron also depends on the size, arrangements of the steam holes and the size of the soleplate.

Constant steam

Another important factor that you need to put into consideration is the constant steam. You need to make sure that the iron that you buy takes into account the simplicity and the speed with which steam is produced. The rate at which the soleplates are heated depends on the amount of constant steam that is produced by the iron.

Anti-drip function

sdfgfdsdfgThe anti-drip function is very crucial as it is the one that is responsible for ensuring that there is no water that drips into the fabric when ironing. When there is water leakage when the sole-plate has not yet got enough temperatures, there is a possibility that the ironing process will not be as smooth as you would have wanted it to be.

Purchasing the best vacuum cleaner

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Vacuum cleaner

We all get the peace of mind we need when resting at home. That is the best place to find the much-needed relaxation after a long day at work. You should create that environment to enjoy every day when you are off work. An untidy house will deny you the relaxation you need because of the contaminated environment. Imagine getting home to a stuffy smell when you want to rest. You will not have an easy time because of the breathing problems you will face. There are several measures you can apply to ensure your living room is in good order. Putting everything in place is the first procedure.

Clean the floor of your house using the right detergents and do not forget to clear off the dust from every001 possible area. You should buy the proper equipment to clear off dust. The vacuum cleaner is known to do this job best.  These devices come in various types and sizes. The most efficient one is the cordless cleaner which you can carry and move with it easily because of its light nature. You should buy this device if you want to do away with all the dust in your house. One should consider the following when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.



This should be the first thing to consider so that you may plan your budget.  Their prices differ in their functionality. Central powerful cleaners are expensive compared to the rest because of how fast they work in sucking dirt. You should understand the type of cleaner you want and compare its price in different shops.



003Different vacuum cleaners have their functionalities. Some features will make one more superior than the others. Those with higher wattage are known to have a good suction compared to those with less. However, one is advised to look for one that will see them use less energy. All this will help save the amount they spend on power



There are different brands of vacuum cleaners you can buy out there. Go for reputable brands that will serve you for an extended period. Unknown brands are of poor quality, and this will subject you to routine repairs which can be costly. Seek recommendations from friends on some of the best brands that can serve you.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Ethanol Fireplace

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Living room

When it comes to home décor and heating options, nothing beats the elegant design of a fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces offer more than comfort for the modern-day home. Unlike traditional models, ethanol fireplaces have a lot less work since they are refueled by bio-ethanol which is not only readily available but also eco-friendly. These fireplaces also do not require a chimney since they have no flue gases. They have gained popularity because they heat the home without any trace of smoke, ash, spitting and embers. So what are the Features to look for in an ethanol fireplace?

Factors to Consider

Safety and qualityADfxgmhf,jg.FCAFA

If you are in the process of buying a ethanol fireplace, the first thing to consider is how safe it will be in your home. Safety should include both home use and during manufacture. ModaBlaze – Ethanol Fireplace should meet all health and safety regulations. Ethanol burners with a lid feature are a better option because they allow for control of the flame size. The fire is also easy to extinguish. A good ethanol burner should weigh around 2-5 kg with stainless steel being the material of construction. It should also have a spill tray, a design feature meant to curb fuel over-spills during use.


Before buying an ethanol fireplace for your home, take into account the economic implications of the quality and safety of the product. Note however that the cost of the material does not necessary depend on its quality therefore when you spot the most expensive burner, do not be too quick to buy it and assume it is the best in the market. Look out for a reasonably price ethanol burner with all required design and safety requirements and high-quality materials of construction. There are quite a good number of companies that offer quality brands at affordable prices.


wSdvbfgdnhfmDDIt is important for ethanol fireplaces to have all the required safety certificates including SP Sitac, Swedcert, UL (or C-UL) and TUV. These certifications determine whether the ethanol burner has the highest quality and safety standards or not. Look out for product testing that involves information on the user standard requirements, ethanol fireplace testing and well-labeled burner with things like pictograms. You are better off purchasing an ethanol burner that has passed thorough and rigorous testing and has therefore acquired the necessary certification.

The tips above go a long way in helping you purchase the right kind of ethanol burner for your home. Pay close attention to them to get a quality product for your money.