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Why You Should Have Your House Roofed in the Winter

If you live in countries with harsh winters, you might be wondering why roof in such a time? Well, it is not something new. Roofing contractors offer their services all year round including those snowy and cold seasons. Roofing in winter is no different from roofing any other time of the year. You will be surprised to learn that some roofing contractors prefer doing their job in winter. First of all, we will discuss why people think that roofing during this time of the year is not a good option.

Cons of Roofing in Winter

It Is Too Cold for Roof Work

roofing contractorWell, does it mean that some work stops because it is cold? This should not be the case. As long the installing crew is okay, then who cares. Do not worry about the roofers; if the cold affected them so much, then they would have opted for indoor jobs. Installing a black roof in winter is more fun compared to summer when the temperatures are up to 90degrees. Roofer prefers doing it in winter because the heat felt up there in summer is no joke.

There Is Too Much Snow

Yes, we have snow all over, but do you understand that we have snow shovels. Dealing with snow off the roof is no big deal. It will take the roofers at most one hour to remove the snow. The contractors will not charge extra fees for this. However, roofers should be very careful when working on a roof covered with snow. Safety comes first with professional roofing contractors, so again, you do not have to worry about them.

Pros of Roofing in Winter

Ice Dams Causing Leaks

Winter is the best time to test your home and roof. Among the major causes of leaks in winter is the ice dams. Ice dams form on the roof from collected snow which melts and runs down the roof. Roofers use water and ice barriers with proper drip edge to prevent the formation of ice dams which damage your house and cause leaks. If your roof does not have the ice and water barriers installed, winter is the best time to have it done.

Winter Conditions Make Bad Roofs Worse

roofers removing snowIf you had issues with your roof in spring, things would get worse in winter. Among the major reasons why your roof gets worse is the discussed ice dams. As temperatures fluctuate in winter, the roof shingles expand and contract resulting in cracking and curling. Imagine the amount of leak you will get after your old shingles crack. For this reason, it will be best to call your roofing contractor and have your roof checked.

Faster Service

Roofing contractors are less busy during winter compared to other times of the year. This means that you will have your roof installed or repaired in a matter of days. You will have to wait for weeks or even months to have your roof installed if you wait until summer or spring. Take advantage of this time and your roofs done faster.

Phyllis Castillo / April 16, 2018 / Home
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