Waterproofing Solutions for Houses in Toronto

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Flood on the street

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, the provincial capital of Ontario that is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. The waterproofing in toronto is one of the perennial problems that the residents have to contend with. Regardless of the extreme weather in Toronto, most houses are being built in proximity to each other. As a result, there is a lot of loose earth around the houses which easily retains water that finds its way into the foundation and creating moisture on the walls. It is therefore very critical for everyone to do the best they can to protect their investment. Sometimes keeping your walls and floors dry may seem a little impossible, but with the right waterproofing materials, method and company, the process can prove to be entirely worthy.


Methods of waterproofing

The best approach to protecting your house from these damages (caused by water leaks) is interior waterproofingwaterproofing for the basement and exterior waterproofing for the foundation. It is better to have preventive measures than wait for the disaster to occur for you to fix it.

Since its introduction in Toronto, interior waterproofing has been considered as an effective method of ensuring a dry and mold-free basement. It involves the installation of sump pumps which suck water out of the basement and direct it away from your house. Another beneficial activity is the placement of new footer drains or repairing the existing ones.

Premature deterioration

On the other hand, exterior waterproofing prevents premature deterioration and also the occurrence of cracks in the foundation. It can be compared to covering your most valuable possession from the extreme Canadian weather. Here, the application of waterproof sealers and coatings will prevent the water from reaching your foundation walls, and the use of weeping tiles will direct water away from the foundation. The work of membranes is to keep the waterproofing in place for longer periods of time and in turn, protect the walls.

Importance of Waterproofing your home in Toronto

waterproofingTo minimize costs in structural repairs, it is advisable to prevent leaks from occurring in your home and sealing them as soon as they appear, however small. It will ensure that your foundation stays dry, protects the personal property you keep in your basement and also maintain the upright structure of your home.

Apart from that, waterproofing your home will prevent it from getting attacked by mold, which comes around as a result of the presence of moisture (usually as a consequence of an ignored small leak that persists). Mold spores are known to cause all manner of health risks. Water Proofing also maintains a proper physical appearance of your house, which will be very beneficial in case of reselling.